1. ITV Report

Tuesday morning in the NW - the latest.

Mossley, Tameside. Photo: Arnold Ellis

Monday night's rain may linger in the far south of the region between 6 and 8am on Tuesday morning. It should clear by 9-10am.

Turning drier afterwards with bright spells, winds from the west so scope for a spit or spot in the wind, especially across Lancashire and Cumbria.

Throughout Tuesday afternoon, mostly dry and bright, some sun at times. Winds ease, but temperatures still hold up well, 16-17c, sea temperatures 15-16c. Feeling fairly warm in any sunshine with a few brighter spells across the Isle of Man. Odd light shower in the SW of the ITV Granada region.

Tuesday night's temperatures of 11c slide to 5-6c on Wednesday and Thursday night.

On Wednesday, more light, patchy rain sinking southwards. Feeling much colder.

Thursday, fresh to locally strong northerly winds, feeling bitterly cold, the wind chill making 12-14c feel like 8-9c. Coastal showers.

On Friday, we lose the coastal showers. We have more of a NE'erly feed and this pushes any showers further westwards on the keen winds. Brighter the further west you are.

A chilly, frosty weekend in prospect.