1. ITV Report

Taste of autumn: outlook for Friday and the weekend in the NW. Significant wind chill.

'Taste' of autumn...outlook for Friday and the weekend. Photo: Ashley Kempton

Friday morning starts largely dry and bright, best of the sun over the Isle of Man and across Irish Sea coasts. Cloudier further east.

During Friday afternoon, the cloud in the west breaks to some good sunny spells. It won't be too bad a day but with naggingly cold winds. Temperatures recover a degree or so on Thursday's values, around 13-14c, but the NE'erly wind chill will make it feel more like 7-8c!

Friday night will be dry with spots of rain to the south. Clear spells elsewhere. Temperatures slightly up on Thursday night, in double figures, around the average low double figures.

On Saturday, turning cloudier and wetter. Odd shower around, not especially warm.

Sunday sees more persistent rain, fairly wet with showery outbreaks of rain.

On Monday, things turn brighter, but it stays cold.