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A mild but unsettled week ahead

Double rainbow over Tatton Park Photo: PETER HUNTER of Bolton

It was a fairly wet weekend. Levens Hall in Cumbria collected 26mm over the 48 hours period to midnight on Monday 21st. Rochdale and Nantwich were close behind with 19mm - nine of those millimetres coming in the hour to 5pm on Saturday.

As we head into the new working week temperatures are much milder than the average. At this time of year we'd expect around 13/14°C but the forecast for the first half of the week puts afternoon highs at 15 to 17C.

Unfortunately sunshine is in short supply and therefore mild mixed with wet conditions (either showers or longer spells of rain) means plenty of mist, murk and low cloud - especially for hills.

Winds will be strong too, especially in the irish sea - meaning the usual areas at risk of strong gusts (The Isle of Man and exposed coastal fringes).

Here's the breakdown for the next few days......


Rain moves north, heavy at times. A brief respite before showers develop form the west during the evening. Rain follows as we head further into the night. Overnight lows higher than the daytime average (14/15°C).


Rain moves east, heavy at times. Some brighter spells may follow but a steady stream of showers develops. Windy in the west and for hills. 16/17°C

TUESDAY: Rain pushes east. Showers, some heavy, follow behind from the west


Sunshine and showers - heavy and frequent (possibly containing hail and thunder). Winds remain gusty, especially during the showers. 15/16°C


A better day. with a cooler start. If the timing goes to plan many places will get a window of dry and bright weather. Rain is never too far away though - threatening from the southwest, especially after dark. Less mild with temperatures back to the average.


Further rain, heavy at times.

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