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Thundery showers overnight. Gusty winds Wednesday

Dramatic skies over Blackpool CHRIS COATES Photo:

Showers or rain remain in the mix over the next few days. Thursday still looks like our better day but before then prepare for thundery downpours Tuesday night and heavy showers with gusty winds on Wednesday.

Tuesday Night:

Further bands of showery rain spreading northeastwards overnight. These could be heavy at times, with the risk of thunder. Some intense downpours for an hour or so into the early hours. It will also remain breezy and mild. 12 °C.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Spell of heavy, showery and thundery rain. Mild and breezy


Showery outbreaks will continue into Wednesday morning. They will be frequent, heavy and blustery for a time.

A strong west wind by the middle part of the day could bring gusts reaching 50mph.

Sunny spells will then develop and in general the story improves with showers becoming lighter and more scattered. A fresher feel. Highs 15 °C

WEDNESDAY: Heavy showers. Gusty winds for a time. Easing later


A cooler night into Thursday with the risk of a few mist and fog patches. This leads to a fresher but slightly more settled day with drier and brighter weather for most parts of the region with some sunshine. Highs 13 °C

Make the most of it - more heavy rain sweeping through by Friday morning.

OUTLOOK: Generally unsettled. A little fresher