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Parents donate to hospital after losing their baby

A couple have raised money to buy equipment for the Neo-natal unit at Royal Preston Hospital as a thank you to staff who helped them when their baby died there in December.

Melissa and Andy Barclay from Lancaster lost their baby daughter Madison when she was just two days old. She was born at Lancaster Royal Infirmary but was transferred to the Neo-natal unit at Preston once she had developed symptoms of an infection called Group B Strep. The infection had developed into meningitis and sadly Madison couldn’t be saved.

The Neo-natal unit at Royal Preston Hospital is one of three specialist units in the North West.

Madison’s parents are now campaigning for pregnant women to get tested and have raised more than £7,000 to help buy equipment for the Neo-natal units at both Royal Preston Hospital and Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

The money they have raised has helped to make the parents overnight rooms more comfortable, they have also bought a ‘cold cot’ that can be used once the baby has passed away, to give loved ones more time to spend with the child.

Madison’s mum Melissa said: “We really can’t thank the staff enough, we were in a really dark place and they helped us. They suggested things for us to do, which we would have never thought of but it really helped and they supported us in registering her death and arranging the funeral.

We may have lost Madison but we don’t want anybody else to lose their baby and if they do, we wanted to provide things that would help them. Thanks to the cold cot that the hospital provided we were able to spend two days with Madison after she had passed away, her gran who lives in Spain also got a chance to see her. We’ve also used some of the money to buy diaries for parents and photo frames which will be given out to siblings so they can remember their little brother or sister, we thought this was important because Madison has two older brothers and there isn’t much support out there for the siblings.

Raising the money and buying this equipment has given some meaning to what happened to us and it means Madison will never be forgotten.”

Sue Sherlock, Head of Midwifery at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are so grateful to Melissa and Andy for their kind donations and the equipment will really help families who are going through a difficult time.”