1. ITV Report

Detailed forecast: Next few days

Saturday night

Cloudy skies across most areas with patchy light rain and drizzle. Clearer skies are more likely for Cumbria and maybe higher parts of North Lancashire, where a local frost is possible. Lows of 1C.


Mist and fog in places by dawn with little sunshine on offer. Cloud thickens throughout the day with rain becoming more developed, especially towards dusk and more so in the west - where the Isle of Man could have some heavy outbreaks of rain by evening.


Rain turns heavy overnight Sunday into the first part of Monday before clearing from the north. Temperatures will peak early in the day before dipping later. Maximum temperature 10 °C.


Colder thereafter with sunshine and wintry showers, perhaps to low levels late on Tuesday. Widespread frosts and temperatures struggling to get to 5°C during the day and dipping below zero at night.

There remains some uncertainty on Wednesday but further snow showers are possible as the winds turn northerly. Snow over hills is more likely to settle.