1. ITV Report

Detailed forecast: Next few days

Overnight into Thursday

Largely cloudy but mostly dry with perhaps a little patchy rain at times sinking south into the early hours of Thursday. Generally staying rather mild and frost free but a few clearer spells are possible towards dawn across Cumbria, which will allow temperatures to dip to 4/5°C.


A cloudy, damp and misty start initially but improving for a time. Brighter spells are more likely towards the north to parts of Cumbria and Lancashire. Cloud will thicken again towards evening with a little showery rain edging in from the southwest. Staying on the mild side at 9/10°C.

Outlook into the weekend

Windy on Friday with sunny spells and blustery showers, which could turn a little wintry over hills as colder and stronger winds dig down from the northwest.

A frosty start but bright and breezy on Saturday.

Turning cloudier on Sunday. Less cold with patchy rain a risk later in the afternoon.