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Text Santa: Liverpool baby defies doctors

How Text Santa helped Bella Photo:
Bella Rose on her way to hospital

ITV's Text Santa appeal raised £5.2 million pounds last year to help charities across the country improve the lives of others. Together for Short Lives was one of the chosen charities who help parents with children who have life limiting or terminal illnesses stay together for as long as they can.

One of those families is Bella Rose Preston and her mum Samantha. They rely on Zoe's Place in Liverpool for respite and expert care. Together for Short Lives gave the baby hospice a slice of the money you donated, below is their story:

Baby Bella Rose was carried on a pillow for fear of injury

Bella Rose is a little girl who's defying doctors, she has a rare genetic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta which means her bones and teeth are very brittle. Medics predicted she'd spend most of her time lying down, but at Zoe's Place, a baby hospice in Liverpool, Bella is thriving and playing like most other children her age.

At 22 months she's broken all of her limbs

Bella is two in January but when was born she was so delicate - she could barely be touched, even by her own mother Samantha.

"We had to hold her on a pillow, she was that fragile," she told us. Zoe's place was recommended by Samantha's friend. She said the team are like a dream. "They came and assessed Bella and took he so I could do just the little things like answering the phone, when I felt confident I decided I could leave her there overnight. I know she's well care for"

Bella with mum Samantha

At 22 months old Bella has broken nearly every major bone in her body. Her mother says it's a frightening existence "She's broken her foot, ankles, both lower legs, femurs, 5 or 6 ribs, both arms, she's actually stopped breathing, to see your baby taken away that's scary. I was terrified, but we got through it."

Zoe's Place provides qualified nurses on hand to care for children like Bella Rose and allow them to play and flourish in a a safe environment. It's a place to give give parents and children a break from everyday life and to completely relax

The money you donated from ITV's Text Santa was divided between several charities - one of those was Together for short lives who fund Zoe's Place.

Team leader Laura Nelson says those kind of life lines are vital. "It costs 1.4 million to run the hospice each year and only 14% of that comes from the Government so the rest comes from donations ourselves."

Bella Rose is thriving thanks to the help she gets at Zoe's Place

There's no cure for Bella's condition meaning she can't go to nursery for fear of injury from other children but when she comes here her mum knows she is safe and cared for and is happy.

Find out more about Text Santa and how you can get involved this year by clicking here.

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