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Coroner sums up in Millie Thompson choking inquest

Millie Thompson Photo: ITV Granada

The coroner in the inquest into the death of nine month old Millie Thompson has begun summing up.

Millie died at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport after she choked on shepherds pie while at nursery.

The jury has already heard how staff at Ramillies Hall in Cheadle Hulme and how paramedics may have made her condition worse - despite doing the right things.

An expert told the court a tiny piece of food had become lodged in her lung and that an X-Ray was needed to establish where the blockage was.

The jury has also heard how the 999 call taker did not follow the correct procedure and did not stay on the line.

Instead they asked the nursery staff to call back if Millie's condition worsened. The calltaker didn't prioritise the call correctly either.

Millie died a short time later after an ambulance took her to hospital in Stockport for treatment.

Millie's parents, Joanne and Daniel Thompson say they need answers so no other parent has to go through what they have experienced.