1. ITV Report

Dreadful Monday for the Christmas getaway.

Pooil Vaaish. Photo: Mary Davies, Isle of Man

After a cold, bright start, heavy, persistent rain pulls in from the west on Monday morning, turning to snow for a time as it comes up against colder air, with gale to severe gale force winds making higher routes really nasty. A rapidly deepening low brings these widespread powerful winds. They will be strongest through the west with gusts of 70mph through westernmost counties and the Irish Sea; gusts inland nearer 50-60mph.

Conditions will affect flights, roads and ferries so please check travel plans.

The worst period will be between 10am and 2pm when the rain will turn to snow over the higher ground .

By 2pm, the snow turns back to rain, but our next problem will be with snowmelt.

There will be lots of surface water and spray on the roads.

Once the main rain band clears, heavy showers follow behind. It remains very windy throughout the day, temperatures lift to around 9-10c, but these are totally academic in the wind and rain.