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In-depth NW forecast for the last weekend of 2013: sunnier with lighter winds. Storms return next week.

Nice day for a stroll. Calmer weekend in prospect. Photo: Chris Coates, Morecambe

After a blustery week, the weather looks much calmer for the last weekend of the year. Lots of dry weather around on Sunday, with lighter winds and more sunshine.

Turning very wet and windy after 6pm on Sunday night with storms returning to the UK next week. Indications right now are that there will be nothing excessive anywhere, but any rainfall at all will be unwelcome. This time last year there were also extensive floods.


Daytime showers die away this evening, but showers from across southern Scotland sink southwards overnight to give a scattering of showers for the north of the region.

Winds ease and we expect decent clear spells. Chilly, lows fall to 1-2c inland. Around freezing or just below over hills and in more sheltered spots.

The risk of a widespread frost overnight and icy surfaces by morning where there were showers. Hoar frost. Less cold around the coast, nearer 4-5c.


Sunday starts mostly dry with cloud clinging to the Pennines and higher ground, odd shower possible out of that thicker cloud. Mostly, some decent spells of sun though and it's sunshine for virtually all parts by the afternoon as a little ridge of high pressure builds in ahead of the next inbound system.

Turning into a very pleasant day from midday to late afternoon, bright with light winds, but crisp. Highs 5-6c.

The Isle of Man starts Sunday sunny, then turns cloudy during the afternoon.

A weather front moves in very quickly on Sunday evening. After 6pm winds increase quickly and gust to 50-60mph through the Irish Sea. Heavy rain accompanies the strong winds and the wet and windy weather then sweeps across the whole region overnight.


Monday starts very wet and windy, heavy rain for all parts, gusts 50-60mph anywhere across the region. The rain blows through quickly, away into the North Sea and by midday it turns brighter. By this time we should have seen the back of the worst of the winds. Quite heavy showers follow.

Monday starts mild, but will turn cooler behind the wind and rain.

Monday night should see clear spells. It'll be quite breezy and not especially frosty.


Tuesday starts bright, but another weather front then pulls through bringing more wind and rain. Heavy rain during the middle of the day, a really wild spell of weather, gusts 60-70mph anywhere. The rain moves through quickly but could turn wintry behind.


Not a bad day, sun and showers, most frequent in the west. Breezy, cool, but nothing too severe. Another front pulls in later.