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My dog ate part of my face but it saved me from an alcoholic death

Video report by Adam McClean

A woman who had part of her face and eyes bitten off by her dog when she was passed out drunk said the incident has ultimately saved her life.

Wendy Hamriding from Preston, Lancashire, lost her sight for nearly two years but insists the horrifying ordeal was what put an end to her alcoholism.

Battling addiction for years, she had consumed a whole bottle of vodka on the day the dog incident happened.

Wendy had hours of plastic surgery to rebuild her face.

Cassie, a mongrel, had been licking Wendy's face to try to wake her up but ended up "going too far."

"I looked in that mirror and I thought, my eye's gone," she said, remembering the moment she realised what had happened.

But she knew almost immediately the change would be for the good.

"At least I can't go to the shop again for a drink," she thought. "At least I'll stop drinking now."

Wendy only realised she had lost an eye when she looked in the mirror.

She has had to undergo multiple operations to rebuild her face, including procedures to graft skin and flesh from her legs and stomach to where her features once were.

Most complicated was a pioneering surgery to use part of her tooth in her eye socket to host an artificial cornea.

It was only when that technique proved successful that Wendy could finally see again.

Wendy said the dog had to be put down because it had tasted human blood but she insists she owes her life to the animal.

Plastic surgeons at the Royal Preston Hospital worked tirelessly to save Wendy's face.