1. ITV Report

Latest in-depth forecast for Saturday night and beyond.

Tiverton, Cheshire Photo: Raymond McBride

Two areas of rain affect us this weekend, two fronts which are effectively joined up. One has been pushing northwards throughout Saturday; the other pushes in from the west and heads slowly E/NE'wards on Saturday night before clearing on Sunday afternoon.

Both bring outbreaks of rain and cloud, but nothing too worrisome. A big developing area of high pressure over Scandinavia is weakening any fronts from the Atlantic as they pull in from the west, so the weather won't be anything like as fierce as the wind and rain over the last few weeks.


The next weather front pushes in to the Isle of Man and the western side of the region during Saturday evening. Rain will be persistent but should break up as it crosses Irish Sea coasts. This front is slow moving so cloudy and damp for all parts by the end of the night. The rain turns wintry over the hilltops. Becoming slightly less breezy.


Remnants of the cloud and rain still affect the region first thing, but skies start to brighten from the west across the Isle of Man and western areas by 8-9am. Rain becomes increasingly light and patchy as that brightening process continues eastwards. By lunchtime, the rain will be away and it should be a sunny afternoon for all parts with lighter winds. Temperatures slightly down on Saturday's at 6-7c, so feeling slightly chillier.

One or two showers may filter in to Cumbria during the afternoon, but not enough to spoil things. Just the risk of one or two.


Cloudy across the region with one or two showers through the Isle of Man.


Decent sunny spells, light winds, cloudier later in the west. Temps 5c 41f.


The coldest night of the next few with a widespread frost. Lows 1c in general. Minus 1c or minus 2c out in the countryside.


Cold, frosty start, rain pushes in from the west, turning to snow over the Pennines above 400m. Temps 6c 43f.


Rain lingers - dull, damp, miserable start. Outbreaks of rain, lots of cloud. Temps 6c 43f.