1. ITV Report

Sunday's in-depth 5 day forecast for the NW.

Mary's Shell, Cleveleys. Photo: Raymond McBride

A large area of rain is crossing the country this afternoon, giving all parts a battering with very strong winds to accompany it.

There has been an inch of rain already today through parts of the region, with gales through the Irish Sea, and the Met Office warn that this evening the rain could turn to snow, even at lower levels before generally washing away as it turns back to rain again.

The main snow risk period is 6pm Sunday evening until midnight.


Mainly blustery with rain and frequent showers.The heavy rain should have cleared the region by 2pm, but even once it has cleared, there will be quite a few showers behind and a cold wind. The showers will be heavy and frequent with odd clear spells, but not feeling especially pleasant with gusts of 30-40mph through the Irish Sea.

Temps 6-7c, 43-45f.


This evening, the air turns colder. The showers become more frequent and prolonged with the chance of showers being fairly widespread and turning to snow above 200m. Cumbria, Lancashire and the Pennines will be especially prone. There may even be a dusting at lower levels.

Showers will be most frequent and prolonged through the NW of the country since the NW is directly in the firing line of the westerly flow.

Winds will be gusty on Sunday evening, but not as bad as the afternoon.

After midnight, the snow risk diminishes as showers turn back to rain, though there is still likely to be snow over the hilltops. Maybe some icy stretches.

Feeling cold, lows 3-4c.


Higher routes may still be affected by a dusting of snow and some ice during the rush hour.

Showers continue. The NW is still in the firing line for the worst of the rain, lots of it wrapped around an area of low pressure which is sinking southwards. Snow over the hilltops. Strong breeze from the west.

The afternoon is much the same as Monday morning, large areas of rain circulating round the low like a washing machine, throwing out quite alot of rain. Blustery breeze.

Temps 6-7c, 43-45f, around average, but not very pleasant.


Low pressure in the Irish Sea produces further showers or longer spells of rain continuing through the night, gusty winds.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: winds turning to become more easterly. Credit: ITV Granada


Showers or longer spells of rain on and off. Risk of thunder and lightning. Heavy downpours, some dry spells. Feeling cool.


Showers turn more wintry as the wind turns to become more easterly and blow in from the NE.


Much stronger easterly wind pulls in quite cold air. Over in the NW we are quite sheltered from the easterlies, so mainly dry and sunny but bitterly cold.