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Man to be sentenced after kidnapping and raping Chester jogger

Peter Watton Photo: Chester Police

A man who kidnapped and raped a woman jogging in Chester will be sentenced today.

Peter Watton, lay in wait for his victim before subjecting her to a 9 hour ordeal at knife point court heard. The attack happened days after the 37 year old had been freed halfway through a six-year term for kidnap and robbery

It happened in the afternoon of June the 14th when the 44-year-old woman was out jogging with her pet dog in woodland in the Dukes Drive area of Handbridge, Chester. Watton went on the run but after a six day manhunt Watton was located and arrested in North Wales.

Detective Inspector Simon Lonsdale said: "The bravery of the victim is extraordinary. I am humbled by her courage and determination which has enabled us to return a very dangerous man back to prison for a long time.

"Watton put the victim through a terrifying ordeal lasting several hours and had the audacity to claim the contact was consensual. Consequently the victim had to attend court and give evidence at the trial. Thankfully the jury saw through his lies and deceit and he will stay behind bars where he belongs."

Peter Watton slept rough in the area

On Thursday 20 June an off duty Special Constable was travelling on a train from Chester to Birmingham. The driver had stopped the train in a remote area having seen a person walking on the track. He pointed the man out to the officer who recognised it to be Watton. The Special Constable got off the train and went in search of Watton. Police were called to the area and an extensive search undertaken over several hours.

It was realised that Watton had been living rough under a remote railway bridge and his smouldering camp fire led officers to his camp. He heard the officers moving through the undergrowth and fled. He was arrested trying to escape along the hard shoulder of the A483 in Wrexham.

Watton, 37 was convicted of 12 offence including false imprisonment, eight counts of rape, two counts of assault by penetration, and possession of a bladed article.

Watton will be sentenced later today.