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Headteacher stabbed with screwdriver describes attack

Gillian Kay was stabbed six times with a screwdriver. Photo: Tim Scott, ITV Grenada

Gillian Kay, the head teacher that was brutally attacked with a screwdriver on the driveway of her Rochdale home by her neighbour Mark Pierson, has described the attack for the first time.

Mark stabbed Gillian six times in the face, head and neck.

He was charged with attempted murder but was judged unfit to stand trial due to his mental illness but a jury were asked to decide whether he attempted to kill Mrs Kay.

After hearing all the evidence the jury said they were not satisfied that Mark Pierson had committed attempted murder, but unanimously concluded that he had committed grievous bodily harm.

Pierson is now in a secure hospital being treated for paranoid schizophrenia.

Gillian has also described what can only be called a campaign of terror that Mark waged against her family over several years.

This included Mark throwing a concrete block through their window and trying to run Gillian over with his car.

We where frightened of him and I know our daughter was as well.

– Gillian Kay, victim of Mark Pierson's savage attack.

Gillian says that if he ever gets out her and her family will be moving homes immediately.

It will never go away because he will walk at some point in future.