1. ITV Report

SUNDAY: WARNING extended for the region. Heavy rain over Cumbria and strong winds.

60-80mm rainfall expected over hilltops. "Be Aware" warning valid until 9am Monday. Photo: Met Office

A slow-moving cold front is bringing a band of rain across the NW; more specifically Cumbria, NW Wales and parts of southern Scotland.

Moisture-laden air is releasing large amounts of rain, with strong winds around hills.

Rain will be heavy at times through the rest of Sunday and into Monday morning - the warning has been extended until 9am Monday.

Large rainfall totals will build, particularly over hills where more than 80 mm rainfall is expected over some hilltops. 30-40mm rainfall is expected more generally.

Southerly gales are likely at first today, winds peaking around midday, with gusts of over 60 to 70 mph over coasts and hills, but these should begin to ease later on Sunday.

The public should be aware of the risk of flooding.