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Granada Weather: The week ahead

Helsby sunrise KEVIN LYTH Photo:

Weather conditions are changeable this week - although we're not expecting anything too dramatic.

Often a little tricky to explain in brief, the coming days will be a mix of cloud, some sun, showers and dry weather.

For many areas we are 'in between' any real significant weather - with high pressure trying to build to the south of the UK (housing drier, brighter and milder conditions) and more unsettled conditions to the north of the UK (weather fronts trying to move over the top of the high - generating cloudier skies and the risk of rain/showers).

Although a cold start to the week on Monday the coming days will be a little milder with highs 9-11C.

By night there is always the risk of frost and ice for rural spots, and with lighter winds fog patches are likely to form.

Here's the detail for the Granada region...


Outbreaks of rain will continue at first, but it will become drier and clearer through the night, with patchy frost and perhaps some ice developing in clear spells later. Lows -1 °C.


After a cold and frosty start, it will remain predominantly dry across the region with sunny spells. The odd shower cannot be ruled out, especially in the south. Highs 8 °C.


Milder air by day (10-11°C) Chilly nights in shelter (2-4°C)

Sunshine and showers on Tuesday.

Wednesday cloudy at times but mostly dry.

Strengthening winds and the risk of rain into Thursday