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Dispelling five myths about adoption

People are being urged to become adoptive parents Photo: Adopt North West

Children's groups are urging people to ignore the myths that surround adoption.

More than 600 youngsters in the North West need new homes, but too few people believe they qualify to be adoptive parents.

Here are five myths on adoption that simply do not stack up:

  • Single people can't adopt. Not true. A single person can adopt a child.
  • Older people can't adopt. Again, not true. As long as you are over 21, you can adopt. There is no upper age limit.
  • Gay people can't adopt. This is nonsense. Your sexuality is irrelevant to your suitability as an adoptive parent. Same sex couples can adopt too.
  • Disabled people can't adopt. This is a myth. Disability is not an automatic bar to adoption. Providing a loving family is what matters.
  • Families with children can't adopt. Not true. The ages of your own youngsters will be compared to the child you want to adopt to ensure they are a good fit.

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