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"Stupid" bank robber jailed for three years

Nathan Baxendale was described by police as "bold as brass". Photo: Greater Manchester Police

A bank robber, who failed to disguise himself and was quickly identified to police, has been jailed and branded "stupid" by police.

Nathan Baxendale, 22, of no fixed abode, admitted one count of robbery at Bolton Crown Court. He was sentenced at three years and four months.

Police said Baxendale made no attempt to conceal his identity when he brazenly walked into the Co-Operative Bank at The Rock, Bury, last month.

He approached the cashier's desk where he pulled out an A5 sized piece of paper on which was written the words 'give me your money, I have a gun'.

Fearing she would be attacked and harmed, the cashier gave the thief some money and he then walked off.

An image of Baxendale taken from the banks CCTV cameras was issued to the media and he was quickly identified as the person responsible.

He handed himself into police.

On interview he failed to offer an explanation as to why he had carried out the robbery but admitted using some of the money stolen to pay off drugs debts.

He also spent some of it on clothes while an amount of money was recovered by police.

This was an extremely bizarre incident for which there was only ever going to be one outcome.

Baxendale walked into the bank bold as brass, made no attempt to conceal his identity and made what the cashier believed was a credible and terrifying threat.

We don’t know why he did what he did and he can offer no reason for carrying out this robbery but he now has a long time in prison to reflect on his actions, which were, quite frankly, stupid in the extreme.

– Detective Sergeant Ian Partington, of Greater Manchester Police