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Friday forecast: the latest on the weekend and beyond. Icy, some wintriness. Fine on Sunday.

West End, Morecambe on Friday morning. Photo: Chris Coates

We are officially into Spring now, so of course it's going to turn colder!

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: sun and blustery showers. Credit: ITV Granada

Typically Friday is a day of sunshine and showers, best sun to the east of the Pennines if you're heading out of the region. Blustery SW'erly wind, temperatures not far from the average for the time of year at 8-9c, 48f, but because it has been so mild recently it will feel colder, especially in the wind and showers.

FRIDAY NIGHT: wintry over hills, turning icy. Credit: ITV Granada


Showers may ease briefly this evening, but then a band of more active showery rain crosses from the west, it should be across the western side of the region by around 9pm.

As it pushes eastwards and comes up against the cold air, it yields a little snow over hills. 2cm snow possible over the Pennines before it turns slushy again.

During the early hours, clearer spells develop. We expect odd showers from the west but they tend to become more scattered overnight, the wind grows lighter so it turns frosty as clearer spells develop, especially where any snow has turned slushy. Icy stretches developing with a frost by the end of Friday night.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: more showers, colder than Friday. Credit: ITV Granada


Cold start. Showers soon get going early on. These showers could prove hefty in places with thunder possible. A little snow over hilltops, but nothing much, just some sleet or wet snow in the air. Bit of a breeze.Fine to the east of the Pennines.

More showers developing through the afternoon, temperatures down on Friday's at 7-8c, 45-46f.


Showers become more confined to Irish Sea coasts so turning drier and clearer with frost and icy stretches forming.


Cold start, sun and and just an isolated shower possible as high pressure builds from the west. Inbetween any showers, a beautiful day, clean air, but very cold. A day to wrap up!

Winds ease from the west. Cold afternoon.


Very frosty and icy, down to minus 4c in rural spots, light winds with a ground frost as well as an air frost.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: very cold on Sunday night, -4c in rural spots. Credit: ITV Granada
  • MONDAY: Bright start, SW'erly winds, cloud and rain from the west later
  • TUESDAY: Rain and cloud clear early. Another band of rain later