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Cloudier skies & outbreaks of rain for Tuesday

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After the cold but glorious start to the week weather conditions are set to turn a little more unsettled as we head into Tuesday.

High pressure is now slipping further northeast, into Scandinavia, allowing low pressure to bring in weather fronts from the west as we head into Monday night and Tuesday.

High pressure moves away to the northeast, allowing low pressure to slide in.

The high is close enough to weaken and fragment any rain as it journeys further east, but it will also push the weather fronts back westwards during Tuesday - so the next 24hours will be predominantly cloudy with heavy showers or rain at times.

Here's the detail......


Cloudy and wet with outbreaks of rain continuing for much of the night, spreading east during the evening and reaching all areas during the early hours of Tuesday.

A breezy start to the night but winds will ease and it will be much milder than Sunday night. Lows 3-5 °C and largely frost free.

MONDAY NIGHT: Cloud and rain move in from the west


Western parts of the region should have some dry weather in the morning with the Isle of Man and coastline getting the best of the sunshine. Further east a cloudier beginning with patchy rain at first and some hill fog over the Pennines and Cumbrian Hills.

Rain is expected to spread back westwards in the afternoon, bringing further outbreaks of rain, heavy at times.

Feeling colder with more cloud and less sun. Highs of 7-9°C.

TUESDAY DAY: Goos start in the west before cloud and rain return from the east


The weather fronts continues it's journey west, with clearing skies from the east. This will allow temperatures to dip and a touch of frost to develop in places by dawn. Mist and fog will develop too - so a murky start with poor visibility for some during Wednesday morning.


It should be largely dry with variable cloud and bright or sunny spells for Wednesday and Thursday. Scattered showers are possible, especially on Thursday where they could be heavy.

Temperatures around normal for the time of year.

An easterly breeze develops by Thursday and this will introduce more cloud by Friday. West is best for drier conditions with more sunshine.