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Evans: "Nothing will ever be the same"

The MP says "nothing will ever be the same" Photo: PA

Nigel Evans has been cleared of all 9 sex charges against him. The 56-year-old broke down as the not guilty verdicts were read out and was handed a tissue to wipe his tears of relief.

There were cheers and tears from the public gallery which was packed with family members, friends and supporters, many of whom have been with him every day of this five week trial.

Seven men accused Nigel Evans of sexual assaulting them, one of those men said the MP had raped him. But Nigel Evans told the court each case of sexual contact was either consensual, a case of misread signals or didn't happen at all. Today, the jury agreed.

Dozens of reporters and photographers gathered outside court as Nigel Evans read a statement describing his "11 months of hell." He thanked his supporters but said this was not a time for celebrations. "Nothing will ever be the same again", he said.

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