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Four North West streets are among worst in country for slow broadband

Oh so slow - three NW streets have among the slowest broadband Photo: PA Pictures

Four North West streets have been named among the worst in the country for slow broadband in a report out today.

On the unfortunate list are: Durham Close in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, which has a broadband speed of only 1.51 Mb per second; Melloncroft Drive in West Kirby, Wirral, with 1.58 Mbps; Thornham Lane in Middleton, Rochdale, with 1.91 Mbps; and Mab Lane in Liverpool with 1.98 Mbps.

But with average download speeds of just 0.60Mbps, Wheatley Road in Corringham, Essex, and Erw Fawr in Conwy, Wales, have the slowest broadband in Britain - 30 times slower than the UK average speed of 17.8Mbps.

That’s according to the latest consumer speed test data collected by, the independent price comparison and switching service.

According to the research, which is based on almost two million speed tests run by broadband users over a six-month period, only 15% of Brits are enjoying broadband of 30Mbps or higher - the speed classified by the EU as ‘superfast’.

Because broadband data is based on consumer speed tests, this suggests uptake of superfast connections is low. Figures from Ofcom confirm that superfast broadband is now available to almost three quarters (73%) of the UK, yet only 9% of the population is using it.

Residents of Loundes Road in Unstone, Dronfield, Derbyshire are enjoying the fastest download speeds in the country - of 57.58Mbps. This means homeowners there are receiving average speeds a staggering 96 times faster than Erw Fawr and Wheatley Road.

Find out the broadband speed where you live Credit: PA PicturesThose living on Britain’s two slowest streets for broadband must wait an average 15.2 hours to download an HD-quality film but, in Loundes Road, residents could be enjoying their favourite movie in high-definition in just nine minutes.

Marie-Louise Abretti, broadband expert at, says: “There are still areas in the UK which experience broadband speeds so slow the service is negligible. At the same time, superfast broadband connections are becoming more widely available but – as our research suggests – these are clearly not being utilised.''

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