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Family were at Hillsborough unable to save their son Philip Steele

Philip John Steele died at Hillsborough Photo:

Dolores Steele, mother of 15 year old Philip John Steele from Southport, took to the witness stand in the Hillsborough inquests to tell the jury about her son.

As she read our her statement, the court monitors showed a picture of Philip in his school uniform.

"On 24th May 1973 we welcomed into our family our new baby son and decided to name him Philip as his birthday fell so close to the feast of St Philip.

"Philip was only 15 years of age when he was taken from us. Philip loved his life, his school work and play. But there was something that came top of his list and that was football.

"We knew straight away that his favourite team would be Liverpool following in his father’s footsteps."Philip spent hours reading about LFC.

He knew about football heroes past and present and everything there was to know about the club.

"I still have a collection of his football books that he always had his head buried in.

Mrs Steele recollected watching Laurel and Hardy films together as a family."

When I think of our lovely son his laughter rings in my ears."

Philip joined the cubs and, although quiet-natured, he enjoyed all the activities including camping. He also became an altar boy at the local church, aged 9, a duty he took seriously.

"On 15th April 1989 we awoke to a beautiful bright sunny day to attend the match together.

Les and I took the dog for a walk and our daughter Denise set off for work.

"We left home at 10am making sure we had plenty of time to drive to Sheffield.

Les was a stickler for good timekeeping so an early start was inevitable.

"Les was never the same since we lost Philip and died in September 2001.

He could not come to terms with the fact that we were at Hillsborough and that he was unable to save his son.

It was all to much for him.

"From the minute he was born until he died he filled our family with love and joy.

I never heard Philip say anything negative about anyone.

"My first thought each morning is of Philip, as well as the last thought at night. He is always with us.

"Thank you for your love and beautiful smile.

That smile could light up the world and I am very proud of you Philip."

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