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Hillsborough victim's daughter: my dad was everything

James Hennessy was 29 when he died at Hillsborough Photo:

The second of the Hillsborough pen portraits about James Hennessy has been heard by the inquests.

Jimmy's daughter, Charlotte, added her own memories of her father.

She stood in the witness box to tell the jury "I only had 6 little years with him but they were some of the best years of my life."

"My dad a was a beautiful person. he was quiet and kept himself to himself. No-one had a bad word to say about him nor he them. he had lots of friends and was liked by all who knew him.

"He was a good looking man. He loved clothes and always had the best of the best and was so vain. He is well remembered in our house for fixing his hair in the mirror every time he left. My dad was a mod with all the attire, including a green Lambretta.

"My dad was deeply loved by my maternal family. My nan and aunties loved him to bits. We were all very close and have treasured memories of him."

Charlotte Hennessy supressed tears as she told the jury about her birth.

"His passion was LFC. He went to games in the UK and abroad. Bill Shankly was his hero as well as of course our King Kenny and Ian Rush. My dad referred to me as Red, White and Gold which was the colours of our kit at the time. He was over the moon when I was born. I think it’s fair to say little Charlotte Hennessy and LFC equalised.

"I know a different side of Jimmy Hennessy. I know of him as daddy, the dad who I adored. He threw himself into parenthood. He would changed my nappies, did his share of feeds and he loved taking me out in my pram.

"He worked hard to provide for me as a self-employed plasterer and to this day the smell of plaster reminds me of my dad.

"What my dad’s mates don’t know is that he would let me play with his hair and put bobbles in. I would paint his nails.

"My mum and dad divorced in 1985, but it never affected our relationship.

"There are no words to described how much I miss him. My heart broke the day my dad died and losing him broke the heart of my family too.

Whenever I was hurt and needed a hug my dad was there with a hug. But when my dad was hurt and needed a hug I couldn’t give him one.

"To date, we have lost out on 9,145 days and not one goes by when I don’t think about him.

"Today, my dad is also a granddad to my three little boys, Liam-James, Joseph and Jacob. At times when Hillsborough consumes me and makes my heart ache they make me realise life is worth living and that my dad lives on through us.

"I am incomplete. We had so much to do together, so many more memories to make and Hillsborough took that away from us.

"Hillsborough took my dad away from me like he was nothing and nobody but he was everything to me. Losing my dad at Hillsborough stole my childhood from me and took away my best friend. It left me in a life of anger and bitterness and depression. I don’t want to live in the shadow of Hillsborough anymore and when all this is over, may my dad rest in peace.

"My dad will always be my hero, and I will always be a daddy’s girl. no-one can take that away from me."

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