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Our 'Spring Heatwave' to come to an end

Temperatures across the globe of course differ widely, depending on what country and continent you're in. The definition of a heatwave can also vary from country to country.

There is no official definition of a heatwave in the UK but the one those associated with the Met Office tend to use is that issued by the World Meteorological Organisation....

"when the daily maximum temperature of more than five consecutive days exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5°C"


Over the past 5 days we have indeed seen temperatures 5 degrees above the average (15-16°C) for 5 days in a row.

Our hottest day was Monday the 19th May, where afternoon temperatures reached 25°C at our Met Office data sites near Chester and Crosby.

Conditions will gradually cool down over the next few days with temperatures back down to the May average by the end of the week.

Image: May heatwave 2014. Daytimes highs 17-20th May rounded up to the nearest full degree celsius
  • Friday 16th

21.3°C in Rostherne & Nantwich, Cheshire

  • Saturday 17th

Nantwich again peaks at 21.3°C

  • Sunday 18th

22.9°C in Myerscough, Lancashire

  • Monday 19th

25°C in Crosby, Lancashire and 25.1°C in Chester, Cheshire

  • Tuesday 20th

20.9°C in Myerscough, Lancashire and 21.5°C in Morecambe