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Long Weekend - Detailed forecast for the northwest

Hesketh Park, Southport Photo: STEVE THOMPSON

Compared to last week, this weekend is disappointing with all three days at risk of either showers or rain.

The main rain area comes through on Saturday, from the southeast, with showers to follow.

On Sunday showers will be more scattered but they are potentially heavier with an increased risk of being thundery.

Monday looked dry a few days ago, but now even our 'extra day' looks like there could be a few showers around.

Negatives: Showers or rain never far away. Large rainfall totals possible by the end of the weekend.

Positives: Winds never too strong. When the sun does pop out it will feel quite warm this times of year.

Here's your forecast for the Granada region for the next few days.....


During the afternoon locally heavy, showery rain will move northwestwards across the region, followed by heavy showers in the south. A Met Office Warning is in place until 8pm for the risk of heavy downpours, standing water and difficult driving conditions. Highs 16°C.


Showers or longer spells of rain will gradually ease through the evening, becoming drier overnight with a mixture of clear periods and scattered showers. Lows to 9°C.


The best of the sunshine in the west initially. A day of sunshine and showers - showers becoming more widespread through the day and sometimes heavy and thundery in the afternoon. Warm in any sun with highs to 17 °C and winds a little lighter in the north.


Many places on Monday will be dry and fine, with warm sunny spells, but there is now an increased risk of scattered showers developing. A little warmer with a light southerly breeze.


For the rest of the week it remains on the warm side but sunshine more of a premium, A rather cloudy outlook with rain or showers passing through the region at times.

Some bright spells should hold on into Tuesday and Wednesday, but an increasing risk of showery rain spreading in from the east. West is best for sun.