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Granada Weather - Fine Weekend Ahead

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Looking ahead we can see an eventual breakdown in the settled conditions we have had over the past week - but this will be a slow process, there's still some uncertainty on how far and how soon the weather will begin to decline, and this leaves us with fairly postive news for the weekend ahead - high pressure staying just west of the UK.

Expect a mainly dry story, some good sunny spells (especially in the west) and some decent temperatures in any sun. Although a slightly cooler/fresher feel over the coming days highs could still reach 18-21C.

MONDAY: High pressure remains in charge for the weekend ahead and holds on for Monday


Staying fine with cloud breaking to allow some sunny spells through the day, especially towards coastal areas. It will continue to feel warm with winds remaining light. Highs 21C.


Little change in the weather overnight with dry conditions persisting, some prolonged clear spells and winds staying light. It may turn fairly cool in some rural areas. Lows 8C.

SATURDAY PM: Dry and fine with sunny spells, light winds and average temperatures


Staying fine and warm with further sunny spells across the region. Variable cloud could give an isolated light shower, but most areas will stay dry throughout. Highs 21C.


Remaining mostly dry and fine, with further sunny spells, although more cloud in general and with the risk of the odd isolated shower from Monday. Feeling warm in the sunshine, but slightly cooler along the coast.

OUTLOOK: Holding on until Monday. Higher risk of showers into next week