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Mother of hate crime victim 'let down' by parole board

Sophie Lancaster was killed for being a goth in 2007 Photo: ITV Granada

Sylvia Lancaster says it was very distressing to hear that the terms of the 10 year licence given to Danny Hulme have now been changed. She says it was a relief when the gang were convicted that they would not be allowed to return to Rossendale where she lives and where the attack took place.

Sophie Lancaster Credit: ITV Granada

Sophie, who was 20, was beaten and kicked with her boyfriend by a gang of teenage boys in a park in Bacup in 2007. The pair were targeted because of their goth clothing, piercings and make-up. One of the gang, Danny Hulme, is now out of jail and has been given permission to visit Rossendale.

Danny Hulme attacked Sophie's boyfriend Credit: PA
Friends and supporters of Sophie Lancaster Foundation outside court Credit: PA

Sophie's mother Sylvia campaigned to try and mend what was dubbed 'Broken Britain' meeting the then shadow schools minister in 2009. Since her daughter's death she has worked to raise awareness of hate crimes and to stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance everywhere - SOPHIE. Find out more about her campaign and the work of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

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