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Gran awarded £250k damages after botched hip operation

A grandmother who endured a seven-year “nightmare” after a botched hip operation has been awarded £250,000 in damages.

Brenda Gorst, 73, was left with her right foot pointing 90 degrees in the wrong direction after a series of blunders.

The pensioner, who lives in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, said: "Right from the very first operation, nothing felt right. I could see other patients in the hospital with the same thing that I had that were walking well and not complaining of pain and I was complaining of pain and my leg was all black and blue and I couldn't understand it."

Right from the very first operation, nothing felt right.

Another six operations were needed to address the poorly fitted replacement.

She has also been treated for an internal infection which was so serious she almost died.

But this x- ray best illustrates the extent of Brenda's problems.

X-Ray shows the damage done to Brenda Gorst after her hip operation

With her hip joint now removed it's reduced by over 10 centimetres the length of one of her legs.

The flawed hip surgery took place at Abergele Hospital in North Wales.

The NHS Trust has admitted Mrs Gorst's care fell below expected standards:

We aim to provide excellent care and have looked very carefully at this case to make sure mistakes are learned from and cannot be repeated.

The Trust also confirmed to us that the surgeon concerned had not been disciplined.

Brenda's six figure payout has helped her to buy a specially adapted bungalow, but she faces more painful surgery ahead if ever she is to get any mobility back.