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Life for man who killed his housemate and buried him in concrete

Sebastian Bendou jailed for life Photo: Cheshire Constabulary

Sebastian Bendou called police and confessed to the killing four years after bludgeoning his friend to death. He led police to the 'concrete tomb' in the back garden of the house they had shared. The judge said Bendou was working under the influence of another housemate Domink Kocher - who he was effectively enslaved to. DCI Gwy Dodd says it was an extraordinary case.

Both Bendou and Kocher were convicted of the murder of flight attendant Christophe Borgye. Kocher was sentenced to life with a minimum sentence of 23 year at an earlier hearing.

Christophe Borgye was killed and buried in concrete Credit: Cheshire Constabulary

The court heard how Borgye and Bendou had their wages paid into Kocher's account and in return he provided them with food and did their laundry. It appears likely that the motive for Borgye's murder was money. In May last year Bendou contacted Cheshire police and led them to his body - they say without his confession they say its unlikely they would have ever discovered the murder.