1. ITV Report

Two intense weather events for the NW

There were more than 3000 lightning flashes across the UK during a couple of hours on Friday morning; there was a lot of activity in the NW in a vertical line between Blackpool and Liverpool.

An amber "Be Prepared" warning for heavy, thundery rain has been issued for the south of the Granada region, with a yellow "Be Aware" warning through the north of the region, valid from just after midnight Friday into Saturday, until 11.55pm Saturday night.

Very warm, humid air is pushing up from France, cooler air from the west is forcing it to rise quickly and become very unstable and there is the potential for the development of intense thunderstorms over the UK and indeed the Granada region later on Friday night into Saturday morning, with a second intense weather event later on Saturday afternoon.

The location of these is uncertain but where they do form some torrential downpours are possible with frequent lightning, large hail and locally strong gusts of wind. Under the yellow warning covering the northern half of the region we expect 1-2 inches (25-50mm) of rain to fall in a very short space of time. Under the amber warning, we may possibly see 50mm of rain or more in places.

Not everywhere within the warning area will see thunderstorms, and indeed some spells of warm sunshine are expected at times, but where thunderstorms do form, some torrential downpours are likely with significant flooding possible - also frequent lightning flashes, large hail and locally strong gusts.

The public should be aware of the risk of disruption from any of these elements.