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Ambulance worker gives evidence at Hillsborough Inquests

The Hillsborough Inquests heard claims that statements from three ambulance officers provided "materially identical" accounts of the site visit to Hillsborough in 1986.

The statements, from Mr Wilkinson and two colleagues, were made to SYMAS solicitors in the month following the 1989 disaster.

Jason Beer QC, representing Sheffield Wednesday FC, asked: "Were these your own words in your statement or were they cut and pasted from another statement?"

Mr Wilkinson replied: "I can't comment. I got the statement. I read it and I signed it and I'm happy with the content of that statement."

Hillsborough stadium Credit: PA

Mr Beer continued: "It’s fair to say there are some differences but… they are materially identical, would you accept that?"

"Yes the wording is the same," he replied. "When I received the statement, I didn’t change it because I was happy with the content of that statement. I went up to make the statement. I had no contact with Mr Higgins or any other person. What is contained in my statement is in fact factual. it is maybe not written in my words, but I was more than happy to sign that statement because it was a true reflection of the facts."

The barrister asked Mr Wilkinson about his disappointment that he had been left with the groundsman and physiotherapist during the site visit:

"You didn't do anything in the course of the meeting to raise the concerns that 30 years later you are now expressing did you?"

He replied: "We were talking to the groundsman. At that time, any really bigger concerns that may have come up later you would have been hoping to speak to someone who had the ability to do something about it."

Mr Beer continued: "You didn't say ‘Look, you two people are too junior. I need to speak to the club secretary,’ did you?"

"I didn't and neither did anyone else," he replied.

The court heard Mr Wilkinson left SYMAS in 1988 before the disaster and that he doesn't know which factors would have influenced reactions or decisions of those on the ground on the day.

Mr Wilkinson later said his 1989 statement was prepared by solicitors who may have been acting on behalf of Trent Regional Health Authority for the Taylor Inquiry.

Jenni Richards QC, representing Yorkshire Ambulance Service, asked: "So you told them, did you, your recount and they typed it up for you and sent it to you for you to approve?"

"That's correct, yes," he said.