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Granada Weather - Towards the Weekend

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It's been a glorious week with high pressure sitting just north of the UK - feeding in settled conditions, warm air from the continnent and plenty of sunshine.

As we head into the weekend conditions change a little as the high moves northwards and away - but it's not entirely bad news. Although temperatures will dip a little by Sunday they will remain at the average or just above. Any rain that's due on Saturday looks like arriving later in the day with the worst of it coming through the northwest overnight.

Here's your Granada forecast for the next few days......

A cold front from the northwest late on Saturday will freshen things up from the northwest by Sunday


Any fair weather cloud will soon clear to leave a fine evening with plenty of late, warm sunshine. It will remain dry overnight with mostly clear skies. Some mist and low cloud could develop towards the Pennines later. Lows 15°C.


Another fine, dry and warm day is expected with just a little cloud developing in places, mainly during the afternoon. Winds will remain light throughout the day. Highs again to 27°C (81°F).

Despite a little more cloud, temepartures again reaching into the high 20's celsius


Mostly dry and very warm for much of Saturday day, but turning cloudier with possible scattered showers later. HIghs to 24°C

Showery rain at times overnight into the first part of Sunday, when it will feel less hot with highs down a few degrees and a light but noticeable northwest breeze. Highs to 21°C

The bulk of any rain coming into the northwest overnight on Saturday