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Mum sets up foundation to help find a cure for her daughter's rare genetic disorder

Melissa Adams who has Angelman Syndrome Photo: Kathy Adams

Kathy Adams found out her daughter Melissa suffered from the rare Angelman Syndrome in 2006 - it affects only one-in-20,000 people. For Melissa it means she can't talk or sleep properly but she is always smiling. Now aged 11 her mum has set up a foundation in her name in a bid to raise funds to research the genetic disorder and hopefully find a cure.

Melissa as a baby Credit: Kathy Adams
Melissa smiling as a baby Credit: Kathy Adams

Angelman Syndrome has robbed Melissa of a great deal of her future possiblities, she will never have a career, settle down and get married, have children and so many of the things we all take for granted.

– Kathy Adams
Credit: Kathy Adams

Kathy, Melissa's mum along with others has now set up the Melissa Adams Angelman Foundation to raise awareness of the condition and to fund research into a possible cure.

Some of the most aggressive research is being undertaken in the US where they have managed to 'cure' Angelman syndrome in a mouse, but much more research is needed before any possible therapy will be put to clinical trials

– Kathy Adams