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Sunday's in-depth forecast for today and beyond. Looking less unsettled into the new week

West End, Morecambe. Photo: Chris Coates


It's official! Last month overall was drier and sunnier than usual for July, and after a brief interlude of heavy rain things look like quietening down again a little.

The area of low pressure which brought the weekend's thundery downpours is now spiralling away across Scotland.

Low pressure remains to the north during the first part of the new week, but a ridge of pressure is trying to build in from the south, so it should be drier and brighter for the first part of the coming week, but still a little unsettled. Temperatures on the warm side of average.

In more detail then...


Quite a bit of cloud from Manchester northwards and the Isle of Man northwards. Not raining all the time, but cloud and showers.

Lancashire southwards sees drier, brighter weather, the best of the sunshine here.

Blustery around the coasts, temps 19-20c, 66-68f, but 16c 61f across the Isle of Man and at the coast.


We expect thicker cloud and rain from time to time through the north of the region. Clear spells elsewhere. Too breezy for any mist to form. Warm, lows 13c 55f.


Bright with sunny spells. Dry, increasing amounts of sunshine into the afternoon, including for the Isle of Man and coastal fringes. A very decent day with lighter winds, tops 19-20c inland, 66-68f.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: for the NW. Credit: ITV Granada


Sunshine and showers, heavier ones on Wednesday and temperatures around average or just above at 21c 70f.