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Surviving Cancer: 'The baby I lost saved my life'

Katie Dowd lost a baby to cervical cancer: a baby she believes was "sent" to save her life.

When the young mum from Barrowford was expecting in 2009, she was looking forward to a beautiful third addition to her family. Doctors foresaw no problems in her pregnancy. After all, she was just 22-years-old.

Katie was a young mum expecting her third child Credit: ITV

Within weeks, unusual bleeding triggered a battery of tests. Medics discovered the disease, telling Katie it would have gone undiagnosed without her pregnancy.

The baby did not survive and Katie's dealt with that heartbreak by seeing her unborn as a "blessing" sent to keep her alive. She believes the child gave its life to ensure she remained a mother to her other two children.

Katie now treasures time with her son and daughter Credit: ITV

Now all-clear, she told me the "little moments money can't buy" matter most. Cuddles with her son and daughter make her thankful for survival. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel," she says "and many more people will survive".

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