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Martin Lewis Black Friday special

Martin Lewis Photo: PA

It's Black Friday, the day after US Thanksgiving, when traditionally stores there begin the Christmas push. Across the North West we've seen some shocking scenes including Tesco stores being forced to close and a number of arrests.

It was named Black Friday by the American police who, during the 1950s and 1960s, because of the chaos that ensued in the city as shoppers flocked to the high street sales and the streets were gridlocked. It's a myth it's named because it's the first time shops get back into profit or in 'the black'.

What is Black Friday?

It’s the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the US that kick-starts the Christmas season. To celebrate many American stores offer lots of heavily discounted one-day deals, but usually it’s only on one or two big star products. However, in the recent years – a bit like Halloween – it’s started to move across the Atlantic and this year we’re expecting it to be bigger than ever across the UK. Alongside Cyber Monday (next Monday) we’re expecting to see deals come through all weekend.

How do I know if the Black Friday price is any good?

Check elsewhere first, don’t assume just because it’s discounted that it’s right for you. Use a shopping comparison site these will give you the prices that a range of online retailers are selling it for.

Martin Lewis explains more on Good Morning Britain.