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Grieving parents call for change in medical guidelines

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A couple from Wallasey who experienced the stillbirth of their first child are urging others to sign an online petition to change medical guidelines.

Jonathan and Carrie Evans found out their baby Orla had developed an infection in her lung due to bacteria making its way into the womb.

The bacteria - Group B Streptococcus is harmless to around 25% of people, but for newborns it can be fatal.

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The couple are calling for expectant mums to be tested and given antibiotics if they are at risk.

At present more than 48,000 people have signed a petition for a change to guidelines, however it needs 70,000 more before it will be considered by Parliament.

The practice of screening mothers for Strep B is already in place in countries such America, however the UK National Screening Committee believe the a screening program wouldn't be effective.

You can follow the progress of the petition here.