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Tameside pub defeats £15,000 fine for hiring "illegal immigrant"

Credit: MEN Syndication

A Tameside pub which was issued with a £15,000 penalty for hiring an illegal immigrant - who has lived in the UK for 53 years - has had the fine scrapped after the barman was allowed to return to work.

Robert Carl Jordan was born in the US but moved to Denton with his mum at the age of three when his parents split up.

The 56-year-old, who has an American passport, has worked and paid taxes here for 40 years and says he never realised he needed citizenship. He has held a number of public sector jobs.

Robert Carl Jordan has been in the UK for 53 years Credit: MEN Syndication

After a mystery tip-off led to his arrest by immigration officers, he was told he had no right to be in the country and feared he could be sent back to the US, leaving his elderly mum and three children behind.

He had to quit his job at the Bay Horse pub in Houghton Green, Denton, while he fought his case.

Denton and Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne lobbied Immigration Minister James Brokenshire to allow Mr Jordan to stay. He’s now in the process of applying for dual citizenship after being told he won’t be kicked out of the country.

Mr. Jordan was arrested and told he could be sent back to the US Credit: MEN Syndication

The MP then stepped in again to help Bay Horse landlord Mike Hill after he was hit with a £15,000 fine for employing an illegal immigrant. The fine has now been scrapped after the case was reviewed and Mr Jordan is back behind the bar.

Landlord Mr Hill had employed Mr Jordan - a family friend for more than 30 years - at the pub since 2009. He said he checked Mr Jordan’s driving licence and P46 from his last job, which included his National Insurance number, when he started.

But with the help of his landlord and the local MP he fought back and defeated the £15000 fine Credit: MEN Syndication

The landlord said:

“How anyone can brand him an illegal immigrant is beyond me. It was a huge shock when we were handed the fine. It would have been the end for me at the pub."

“I’m just glad it’s all over and hopefully he can get his dual nationality sorted soon.”

– Mike Hill, Bay Horse landlord

After Mr Jordan was arrested, more than 9,000 people signed a petition to keep him in Tameside.

The dad-of-three said:

“I’ve got a meeting about my application for dual citizenship this week, so hopefully it’ll be sorted soon."

“I’m pleased I’m going to be allowed to stay with my kids and my mum. I started back at the pub last week after having a right to work letter through." “It was good to be back - despite a bit of banter from the lads, who were all taking the mickey.”

– Robert Carl Jordan

Andrew Gwynne MP also said he was happy with the resolution:

“This is a victory for common sense. Carl has worked on the railways and for Royal Mail, so it is totally unreasonable to expect our local to carry out the checks that these huge companies didn’t feel were necessary. Now we need to keep up the pressure on the government to make sure Carl is allowed to stay for good.”

– Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish