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Anti-fracking campaigner on 15th day of hunger strike outside Downing Street

Geyzer Tarjanyi outside 10 Downing Street Photo:

An anti-fracking campaigner from the Fylde in Lancashire has been on hunger strike outside Downing Street for over two weeks, in protest against the government's policy on fracking.

Geyzer Tarjanyi says he sees his protest as 'symbolic of how sick fracking will make people who live in areas affected by fracking if it is allowed to go ahead.'

Today, at midday, Mr Tarjanyi will go to 10 Downing Street to attempt to talk to Mr Cameron about the dangers of fracking.

Mr Tarjanyi's concerns include:

  • The dangers of fracking to the local community- in particular the government's recent announcement that the appeal on Cuadrilla's applications to frack in Lancashire, which were originally rejected by Lancashire County Council, will now be decided by Communities Secretary Greg Clark.
  • Another of his concerns is the right of the Secretary of State to overrule a successful twelve-year campaign by the Protect Wyre group and allow salt mines to be used for gas storage.
Anti-fracking protesters outside the planning meeting earlier this year at County Hall, Preston Credit: PA

Gayzer says:

"I have accompanied nearly thirty groups from around the country to deliver evidence and testimonies to 10 Downing Street, and they have all been acknowledged by his correspondence team with identical six-line responses. With this in mind, we believe David Cameron may not personally be in fully aware of the dangers he is going to inflict on Britain if fracking is allowed to go ahead."

"On behalf of the communities in Lancashire, Yorkshire and around the country who are threatened with fracking, I call on the Government to join Scotland, Wales, Holland, France, New York State and many other countries and states around the world to impose an immediate ban on fracking in England on health and safety grounds."

– Geyzer Tarjanyi