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End of an era for Horse Trams on Isle of Man

The Douglas Tramways service would have turned 140 this August

Horse trams on the Isle of Man will no longer be in operation from this year.

The decision to terminate the service, which would have turned 140 this August, was made at a Douglas Council meeting yesterday.

Key factors were the service’s year-on-year deficit, currently running at £263,000, as well as the loan charge to an annual impact on the rates of over £420,000.

A proposal had previously been put forward by the Council to finance the scheme by a 30 year loan, costing £4,800,000 to run. The Council decided that the plans were not financially viable and raised a number of unresolved issues.

The tramway horses will be welcomed into new homes and the rolling stock transported to museums, either on island or in the UK, while the Tramway Terrace/stable site and Strathallan site are to be sold.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank the tramway staff for their hard work and long-standing commitment to the service, also to the many local residents and visitors who have supported the horse tram service over the years.

"The Council recognises the affection in which the horse tram service is held, both in the island and around the world, but these are difficult times that demand rigorous examination of expenditure, current and future.

"Against this background the horse tram service is, regrettably, no longer sustainable."

– John Skinner, Community Committee Chairman Councillor