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Lancashire schoolboy elected world's newest head of state

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Credit: Press Association.

The election of Peru's new president has led to celebrations in Fleetwood, where the world's newest head of state went to school.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who attended Rossall School from 1953 to 1956, won by a narrow victory over rival Keiko Fujimori to become the country’s leader.

President Kuczynski came to Rossall, one of the UK's most prestigious schools, from South America with his brother after their mother fell ill.

President Kuczynski was a member of Rossall’s Maltese Cross House. Credit: Rossall School.

Kuczynski, who has previously held the post of Prime Minister of Peru, has said of his arrival at the school: “We came on the boat from Peru to Liverpool, which took three weeks, so we were already in rough shape when we finally reached Fleetwood.”

And although the President admits he struggled a little with the Lancashire accent, he credits the independent school with inspiring his love of music and says it taught him two key skills: discipline, and not to panic, whatever the circumstances.

Elected on the promise of uniting Peru and promising to punish the country’s violent drugs gangs, Kuczynski has called for an end to the fighting and conflict which have divided Peru.

Rossall School was founded in 1844. Credit: Rossall School.

“We would like to extend our congratulations to President Kuczynski on his election. Rossall has a long history of high achieving alumni, including notable writers, sportsmen and politicians, and we’re immensely proud to be able to add a world leader to that list.

“Our aim is to create the foundations of a great future for each and every pupil who attends Rossall, and the President’s achievements serve as a great example of what our students can achieve.”

– Elaine Purves, Head of Rossall School

President Kuczynski, who was a member of Rossall’s Maltese Cross House, later went on to study flute and piano at the Royal College of Music before attending Oxford and Princeton universities and taking up a career in banking.