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Angela Eagle accuses Party leader Corbyn of "stirring"

Angela Eagle Photo: PA

Labour MP Angela Eagle has accused party leader Jeremy Corbyn of "stirring" things after she cancelled constituency surgeries due to abuse directed at her.

The former Labour leadership contender said she had been advised by police not to hold the public advice sessions in her Wallasey constituency.

But Merseyside Police said the decision to cancel surgeries was a matter for the MP and her staff.

Ms Eagle said a "permissive" environment had been allowed to develop where MPs opposed to Mr Corbyn faced abuse.

She told the Daily Telegraph:

I think he has contributed to this. It's all very well to condemn it, but there's a permissive environment. You can make any number of ritual condemnations as you like but you have got to be judged by your actions, not just words.

He has been stirring, he needs to be held to account. We have contacted the police and they have said we should cancel surgeries for safety reasons

I'm afraid for my staff. It's them that have been up there not me. It's them that have had to field the calls.

– Angela Eagle

Earlier, Ms Eagle told the Liverpool Echo:

Because we have been getting so much abuse direct to the office and the advice surgeries are normally done in public (the police) have sent me an email advising me to cancel them.

– Angela Eagle

She said the police "basically think it might not be safe - they do not want them to go ahead at all" and added that fears had been heightened following the killing of fellow Labour MP Jo Cox.

She told the Echo:

I think it's also in the aftermath of what happened to Jo Cox . I am going to take their (police) advice this time, but people can still contact my office by phone and email.

They are talking to me about future arrangements in terms of security.

It's with great reluctance that I'm doing this, but the safety of my staff is paramount.

– Angela Eagle

Merseyside Police said it had offered advice to Ms Eagle - at her request - but had not told her to cancel surgeries.

Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Kenwright said:

We have given Ms Eagle advice about her surgeries, at her request, but the decision to cancel surgeries is not a police matter and would lie entirely with them.

– Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Kenwright

Ms Eagle's Constituency Labour Party has already been suspended amid allegations of bullying and abuse.

The former shadow business secretary has faced unrest among activists in the Wallasey Constituency Labour Party since she indicated that she could challenge Mr Corbyn.

A brick was thrown through a window of the party's office last week after