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Councils 'still out of pocket from Boxing day floods'

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A North West MP says councils are still millions of pounds out of pocket following the devastating Boxing Day floods.

Tory David Nuttall said Bury Council in Greater Manchester is facing a £2.6 million shortfall in repairing the damage caused to local infrastructure.

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Northern England was hit by the worst of the floods over Christmas 2015, wrecking thousands of homes and businesses as well as roads and bridges.

The total cost of the storm damage last winter was around £5 billion

David Nuttall MP Credit: David Nuttall MP / Facebook

"Parts of my constituency were devastated by the Boxing Day floods last year and the council is still struggling to restore the damaged infrastructure.

"They calculate that even after the £750,000 they've received from the Department of Transport, they still have a £2.6 million shortfall in repairing those damages.

"Will you speak with ministers across Government to see what further help they can provide to speed up the reinstatement process?"

– David Nuttall MP

Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom said: "I completely sympathise with all of those who were flooded, an absolutely appalling thing to happen.

"I will of course look into the point that you raise about people who are still suffering from the damage done by last winter's floods

Shadow minister for flooding Sue Hayman said Allerdale Borough Council in Cumbria is still owed #220,000 by central Government.