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Unnerving CCTV shows thieves in 'Mission Impossible' style attempted burglary

Burglars were caught on camera carrying out a mission impossible style raid on a Manchester house - but left empty handed. Photo: MEN Syndication

Burglars were caught on camera carrying out a mission impossible style raid on a Manchester house - but escaped empty handed.

During the ‘military’ attempted break-in at a semi-detached home in Didsbury, two masked men spend an hour disabling security at the property.

They were caught on camera:

  • Taking out street lighting
  • Pulling an alarm off the wall of the house and dumping it in a bucket of water to muffle the sound
  • Knocking out security lights on a garden shed
  • Sedating an Alsatian guard dog and using a hook to close the gate and lock it in to part of the garden
One police officer said he had never seen such a professional job. Credit: MEN Syndication

The gang, which is also believed to have included two getaway drivers in a BMW and a Seat Leon, were foiled when a neighbour saw one of the burglars and went to investigate.

Homeowner and businessman Malachy Joyce, 32, said: “A police officer who looked at the CCTV told me in his 16 years in the force he had never seen such a professional job. It was like a military operation, and they were seconds away from getting in.

“They had put in a rear window and were about to break in when a neighbour saw a shadow of one of them and decided to have a look what was going on.

“When the burglars first arrived the dog went for them, after they climbed on the roof of the shed but they spent 30 minutes balancing on fencing to coax it into its pen in a yard, wriggling a brush in its face, then closed the gate to make sure the dog was locked in the enclosure.

“Then they threw something for it behind the shed. When my mum called at the house later,the dog was completely unresponsive. We took him to the vets but he is okay. They had given him something to sedate him.

“I will need a new alarm system, and a new front door, and windows at the front and rear.

“One of the men was about 5ft 6in but very muscular. On the CCTV you can see his muscles through his shirt. The other man is about 6ft 4in or 6ft 5in. One looks straight into the camera as he climbs to remove the alarm.

“There were two other men. One was waiting in a dark BMW and the other white Seat Leon nearby.”

The incident took place at about 7.30pm on October 7. It came just a few days before a series of break-ins in nearby Heaton Mersey where luxury cars worth £75,000 were stolen.

Thieves sneaked into a home on Green Pastures during the night of October 12th/13th and took the keys to a silver £20,000 Mercedes Benz A180 which was driven away.

On the morning a family returned to their home on Cavendish Road, Heaton Mersey, from a trip away, they found their BMW 420 worth £25,000 had been stolen.

Thieves used the ‘hook and cane’ method to fish keys to a brand new Mercedes C220 - worth £30,000 - through a letterbox at another Heaton Mersey home in the early hours of October 10.