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Blackburn judge hints at inequality in divorce cases

Blackburn Family Court Photo: Google Maps

A Judge at a private family court hearing in Blackburn, Lancashire has said that only wealthy people involved in divorce fights over money can afford to ask the most senior judges to consider their cases.

Judge Alan Booth says there are few Court of Appeal, or Supreme Court, rulings on cases involving separated couples who are not rich.

He has suggested that the shortage of rulings means there is little legal guidance for lower-ranking judges analysing "difficult" cases where there is "not enough money to go round".

The judge has outlined his concerns in a ruling on a divorce money dispute between a teacher and her landlord ex-husband.

One of the difficulties with this area of law is that most of the decided cases are what are termed big money cases.

It is only wealthy litigants who can afford to take their cases to the Court of Appeal and beyond.

There is relatively little guidance on those difficult cases where there is not enough money to go round.

– Judge Alan Booth