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The Christmas floods, 1 year on

It's a year since severe flooding plagued a lot of the region Credit: PA

It's a year since severe flooding plagued a lot of the region, where Lancashire towns such as Croston and Whalley were underwater for several days over the festive period.

Parts of Cumbria were also badly affected as well as places in Greater Manchester and Salford.

The flooding was so severe that many armed forces were deployed in order to assist with the clear up and evacuation processes. And in Croston an RAF Chinook was needed to drop more sandbags and supplies.

Even after the devastation, community spirit was incredibly strong in those towns effected.

RAF Chinook dropping sandbags in Croston Credit: PA

In February this year, Prince Harry visited flood victims and the soldiers who helped during the crisis.

The then Prime Minister David Cameron also came to the region as did Anna Soubry, who was the Small Business Minister up until July this year, she spoke to several local businesses about the floods.

The then Small Business Minister Anna Soubry, meets with local businesses Credit: ITV Granada