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Rethink Pink: Manchester Fashion Industry celebrates third birthday

The Manchester Fashion Industry event returns in April, celebrating its third birthday with a 'Rethink Pink' theme.

Manchester Fashion Industry's latest event Rethink Pink Credit: Manchester Fashion Industry

The high fashion Spring/Summer show will take place on Sunday 2nd April at Menagerie Bar and Restaurant followed by an after show party at The Milton Club.

It's the latest in a series of fashion events by Manchester Fashion Industry directors Domain Esdale and Remi Akande.

(L-R) Chantelle Tagoe and Magali Gorre at Manchester Fashion Industry's Blue Hues event Credit: Manchester Fashion Industry

''We’ve worked hard on building an incredible fashion community in Manchester, that has united people together and brought fashion enthusiasts from across the UK to our great city.

We’re always grateful for the support we receive and our SS17 event will celebrate the last three years in the most stylish and memorable way’’.

– Domain Esdale & Remi Akande, Manchester Fashion Industry Directors

The night will include live entertainment and fashion showcases from brands such as The Couture Club and CC Couture.

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